Dating a Hawaiian Woman: Tips and Advice

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The world is filled with gorgeous women of all kinds, all sorts, sizes, and shapes. And there are unforgettable women to find on every continent, and it is no wonder that there is something amazing to find on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. The native Hawaiian women can hold the handle to the most beautiful women of any other part of the world any day. Beautiful Hawaiian women are the dream of many men all across the world. Today we will discuss topics like Hawaiian dating culture, the history of pretty Hawaiian girls, some tips on how to date and attract hot Hawaiian girls.

History of Hawaiian Women

The first white man to set foot on the Hawaiian Islands was the sober, not prone to exaggeration, James Cook. He wrote the following words in his diary: “Nowhere in the world have I met less restrained and more accessible women…” J. Cook reported that the Hawaiians came to his ships and “they had only one goal – to enter into a love affair with sailors. “The sailors of J. Cook and those who came after them were shocked by one more thing: for their love and devotion, these women did not want anything in return. The Hawaiians simply did not know the basic principle of a “civilized society”, to which all these British, French and other colonialists belonged, the principle “you give to me and I give to you” wasn’t there. While sailors made love to Hawaiian girls, the more educated, delicate white aliens of the islands admired the best features of a national Polynesian character. So, one American naval officer wrote about the Hawaiians the following “I think that under the sun there are no people more honest, friendly, and beautiful than Hawaiians.”

At the age of fifteen, I read French quite freely and, with great pleasure, stumbled upon the original edition of the famous book of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, “Noble Savage”. The Hawaiians were seen this way to the first Europeans to visit the islands, and local women played an important role in this. The fan of epithets, the discoverer of the archipelago, Captain Cook also wrote that “these people have reached the highest level of sensuality. This was not known to any other people whose customs were very much known and studied throughout our history to the present day. dating a Hawaiian womanTheir sensuality is hard to imagine.” Who knows much of it is true, maybe some amount of the positive words about the local people were so favorable because of the hottest Hawaiian women that made love to the settlers, but there’s more to it.

Gradually, beautiful, loving Hawaiian women turned into the main attractions of the islands. Like bees to honey, sailors from all corners of the earth flocked to the archipelago. Because of the Hawaiian women, whalers robbed Lahaina, and sailors from American warships by hook or by crook reached Honolulu. Deprived of any moral principles, they more than paid the local women for their tender love with syphilis and other gifts of their “civilization”.

Most of all, simple sailors and officers liked the fact that, unlike their stiff, sanctimonious wives, the Hawaiians seemed to have no shame at all. Everything that brought joy and pleasure to men, they considered natural and moral. Puritan missionaries were horrified by group marriages that were practiced on the Islands. They were indignant that several brothers lived with several wives or, conversely, several sisters had common husbands. In Hawaiian, relatives are called differently than ours. For example, the word Kane could mean both a husband and his brother – brother-in-law. Punalua phenomenon was investigated in detail by K. Marx and F. Engels.

It is known that during the Macaic festival, Hawaiians often played a game in the evenings, which usually began with singing and dancing. Women sat in a row, men sat opposite them. A leader walked between the two rows. With a long wand, he pointed to a man and a woman. Random couples composed in this way left the event to spend the night together.

The leaders did not take part in the folk games, but, from time to time, they had fun in this way. Men and women of noble birth sat on mats in a row against each other and tried to throw a coconut puck into a skittle assigned to every person. The one whose skittle got hit was supposed to dance. The one whose target was hit ten times in a row had to pay with love.

Free love (but such it seemed only at first glance) to the core, outraged the very first self-proclaimed “carriers of civilization” who converted the inhabitants of the Hawaiian Islands to the Christian faith.

Of course, the missionaries imagined Christian love for their neighbors quite differently than hospitable Hawaiians who “did not know what shame was.” The missionaries tried to introduce them to what it is and to the other virtues of the civilized world as soon as possible.

Some stories of how Hawaiians were taught morality seem amusing to me. So, one such story describes how one missionary drove out a married couple of Polynesians from his house who wanted to pay him a friendly visit: the young people appeared completely naked. The cold reception did not embarrass the spouses. Trying to please the missionary, after a few minutes they returned dressed as they thought Christian customs demanded: they had socks and shoes on their feet, and straw hats on their heads, the rest of the clothes … they found them to be optional.

The wives of the missionaries also took up Hawaiian women. They began to clothe Hawaiians in long shapeless bags covering even the beautiful faces of local women. But the Hawaiians have a special gift for the organic perception of everything new: they remade the muumuu in their own way and still wear it as a new national costume.

So it was in everything. After the first “shock wave” of fanatical moralizing, after Bingham and the like, in the second half of the 19th century, the Hawaiians awakened to life, having regained their former spontaneity and a certain free-thinking in matters of love. At the root of the revival of the best Polynesian traditions, including hula and Hawaiian music, stood King Kalakaua. Oh, boy, do Hawaiians love to talk about him! Especially during the Aloha Week, right on the street that bears his name. Newspapers wrote about the “happy king” and the times of his rule, not to mention the fact that many Hawaiians themselves portrayed Kalakaua at their festivals.”

As you can see, the history of Hawaiian people and their meeting with European settlers is quite an interesting story. And, although, some of the traditions listed above were gradually shifted into the background because of those settlers, Hawaii is still a very rich place in the world which has no equals or even places that feel at least remotely similar. Let’s talk about some other cultural aspects of the life of Hawaiian women and Hawaiian dating culture, that you may find interesting.

Hawaiian dating culture

Hawaiian dating sitesHawaii is not only a tropical paradise with secluded beaches, stunning sunsets, sparkling waterfalls and reefs with all sorts of exotic-looking fish. Anyone who has been to Hawaii will confirm that they are something special, incomparable, and unforgettable. What makes them so special to the rest of the world? The answer is simple: the whole thing is Hawaiian culture, filled with amazing customs, music, legends, traditions, and values.

Flower garland lei

Today, the most unforgettable and pleasant tradition is, perhaps, the giving of garlands of lei. According to this tradition, a garland of lei is presented with a kiss, and you can remove a lei only in the absence of the person who gave it to you. The variety of lei is limited only by the imagination of a person who gifts them: garlands range from simple lei from one strand of orchid or tuberose flowers, which greet those who have just arrived on the islands, to more complex ones made of rare flowers, depending on the importance of the event.

Hula dance

The traditional Polynesian hula can be seen mainly performed by women. I often heard here the expression of the hula-girl, a typical combination of Hawaiian and English words, which are quite a lot in the colloquial speech of the inhabitants of the archipelago. Moreover, most often this word is used not to address a dancer, but a Hawaiian girl in general. Hawaiian girls are perhaps the most wonderful thing on the islands. Songs, paintings, and books praise their beauty! How many guests of the island enjoyed their gift of love and devotion, plunging into the world of erotic imagination!

The hula dance is all about swaying hips, graceful hand movements, and colorful costumes. The dance has come a long way of development: from the dance performed only by men during religious ceremonies to modern dance, performed by both men and women, which people do for joy, fun, and self-expression. There are two styles of dance: the older, hula kahiko, and the modern, hula auana.


Music has recently gained recognition as part of Hawaiian culture. In the beginning, folk music consisted only of drum rhythms and songs, but now it consists of various movements and styles: hapa-haole, where words in English are superimposed on a Hawaiian melody; traditional Hawaiian music; luau; kolohe, an evil or teasing song; chalangalang, and many others.

Main reasons you should try dating a Hawaiian woman

When they meet a pretty Hawaiian girl, guys firstly think about the cultural differences and strong traditions that may scare them off. But we will persuade you to revise your views on dating a Hawaiian girl by giving these top 3 reasons to build a relationship with her.

1. She will teach you how to enjoy outdoors activities

It’s not a secret that Hawaiian people live in a close connection with nature. It is displayed not only in their attitude to the environment, but also in their way of life. Outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, swimming, and many others will become your regular entertainment. If you want to start living healthier and get the best from being on the fresh air, your Hawaiian woman will encourage you, and if you are a nature lover already, there’s no better option for a romantic partner than her.

2. You will always be a special guest on a fantastic land of Hawaii

When dating a Hawaiian girl, you should be ready for frequent travels to her homeland. But while most of the men will have to travel to (mostly) cold and ordinary American province, you will get the chance to travel to one of the most picturesque and fairy places in the world several times a year. So, a visit to her family will be another holiday for you! Moreover, a whole new culture with incredible traditions and food will be always open for you to investigate.

3. She will brighten up your life with positivity and cheerfulness

The Hawaiians are not used to a fast-moving lifestyle, drama, and buzz. Through the centuries they’ve kept a habit to enjoy every little thing that make them happy. So dating a Hawaiian girl and relationships with her will bring you the best days of your life, full of joy and smiles.

Tips to dating a Hawaiian Woman

Some say that dating in Hawaii is hard, they are wrong, it is just somewhat peculiar. Here are some of the most essential rules about dating a Hawaiian woman that you want to establish a relationship with.

hottest Hawaiian womenNature plays a large role in the lives of Hawaiian people

This tip is essential to any form of Hawaiian dating. If you are a person that doesn’t really care for the environment and nature around you in general, then you should forget about the idea of building a proper relationship with a Hawaiian woman. It is very much unlikely that a Hawaiian woman would appreciate your careless attitude towards mother nature.

Hawaiian dialect and speech are sacred

Hawaiian people have their own dialect that is native to their land, and they don’t like it when someone tries to correct it to the American or any other standard. Respect the way in which your female partner talks and you will avoid a lot of potential disagreements in the future.

You should not seek the attention of people around you

Hawaiian people are very quiet and reserved by nature, they don’t like being in the center of attention, or attracting it in general. Sticking out of the crowd will be frowned upon, it is a sign of rudeness, you are just like all the other people, not better, not worse.

Parents are sacred

Approval of her parents is essential to establishing a healthy relationship that will last you for a long time. And, with that being said, the first and most important thing that you should do in order to make a relationship serious, is to get approved by her parents. Families are quite large, and thus, you will be seeing lots of curious eyes looking at you.

Be active

Hawaiian people are very outgoing and cheerful. They love life and everything that has to do with it. And if you live a very passive life without going anywhere, then your Hawaiian girlfriend will not be satisfied with this state of things.

Respect the history of Hawaii

This one is probably the most important thing to know about dating in Hawaii. Hawaiian people are very traditional in their opinions and worldviews, they love their land and the nature that surrounds it. They are very much open to people that want to come to visit their land and appreciate its beauty, but if a foreigner doesn’t want to respect their culture and foundation, then they will not respect them in return.

To conclude this article, we have to say that maintaining the right balance between being yourself and appreciating local traditions is the key to success. But, if you are not that lucky in real-life Hawaii dating, there are plenty of Hawaiian dating sites to choose from, so you will never really find yourself lost in search of a beautiful woman.

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